Samstag, 26. Oktober 2013

VelBet // Re:set & Kirin

They've finally arrived

I ordered Re:set few days after this CD released, in the middle/ end august but the stupid delivery service lost my order. I had really luck, cause the shop send me new CD´s for free.
I'm glad that the CD's are finally here but i can´t be happy.
VelBet announced few days before that they will be disbanded. With this band I lose now my last favorite after Distraught Overlord and Nega. I am really shocked about this bad news. VelBet have a turbulent band history. They change often they members and they made some longe breaks. I thought so quickly brings nothing apart... T3T
The disbanding is really shit, but what  really makes me sad is that I never got a chance to see them live...
Okay, I think it´s enough from the bad news. Lets´s talk about the great new album. The CD´s are not new for me, I got the MP3´s from a friend after I heard that my CD's were lost. I ordered the limited version. It´s the same CD like the normal version, but my is with a 2nd Bookled/ small Photobook.

The secend CD is the Mini Album "Kirin Typ A" It´s a littlebit older but but I've always found only type B in the shops. Sometimes is it worth to wait. This CD is with a DVD (Worlddrop PV) :33
Okay, at this point I would say bye bye

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