Donnerstag, 7. März 2013


1. Name: Tama Tsuchiya
2. Age: 26 Years
3. date of birth: 03.12.1986
4. which 3 things do you every day?: stand up, cuddle my rabbits, eating
5. do you have Piercings or Tattoos?: 13 Piercings 2 Tattoos
6. take a shower or bath?: both is great
7. how much time do you need every morning for your styling?: my normal Styling 10 minutes
8. Who is your Idol?: Akira *3*
9. How much kids do you want?: nothing...
10. What's all under your bed?: empty water bottles and some books
11. How much music concerts had you visit untill now?: not enough..
12. What's the weirdest name you've ever heard?: Rosa! cause its in german baby pink <.<
13. Have you a pet?: yes, two Rabbits, called Yuji & Chiyu
14. Do you have an allergy?: yes
15. What is your zodiac sign?: Sagittarus
16. How much CD´s do you have?: not enough
17. Have you a sister or brother?: yes both
your favorite-
18. -food?: Watermelone, Cherrys
19. -drink?: coke
20. -sports?: none
21. -musik?: Rock, electro Pop/ Rock, Nu Metal, Trash Metal, Speed Metal, Metalcore Punk, 80er & 90er, Nightcore, Industrial and very much more
22. -male singer: Mikaru, Jin, Riuki, Angel Takuya, Yuuki, Kousei, Hina much more
23. -female singer: Akira
24. -band: Dio, Nega, Velbet, Disacode, Lycaon, Hurts, Ghost, Noiz... much more
25. -television show: Primeval
26. -movie: Alien, Jurassic Park, Hellraiser, Watership Down
27. -car: none
28. -city: Tokyo, Cologne, Helsinki
29. -country: Japan, Australia, Peru
30. -animal: Cat´s & Fox´s
31. -brand: h.Naoto, Angelic Pretty
32. -color: pink/ baby pink
33. -cigarettes? dont smoke
34. -ice cream? banana, melone
35. -language? japanese, spain
36. -website: Twitter
37. -Magazine: Cure, Kera, Stern (german Magazine)
38. -season?: winter
39. -flower: Lilie/ lily

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