Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

2nd round

Sorry this entry comes late.
I was ill end spend much time in my bed. But now start the Easter holidays and yes, I have my health back. *3*
Okay, today I went into the city with Svea. We haven´t see us for a long time and I enjoyed our shopping tour very much.
I needed a birthday present for my mother. But the decision has been quickly.
I visit my Piercer and got my 2nd Conch. It hurts a little bit more like the last. xDD In 2 months
In 2 months, I finally get a ring in your ear. Unfortunately I still have to wait a bit. Q3Q
It was realy a funny day and now I am tired, but it´s to early for my bed. Q3Q
Ohh we found a dinosaur. Maybe it was a dragon? I do not know, but he was cool. xDD
PS: Svea sag deiner Mama der Kuchen ist pure Liebe! *3*

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