Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014


Hi Guys
Sorry, I haven´t found time for bloggin´ in the last time. I had start with my new job. It´s really funy and my colleagues are nice. I don´t have really much to tell. I like Hamburg with every day more and more. xD
Unfortunately, I am currently sick
Stupid flu ._.
After 4 years with my old cell phone I finally bought a new one. But it´s a Samsung again (s4). I´m so in love with it.
I met Svea two weeks ago. I know it been a while ago. It was funny, we watched a comment DVD with The Sherry *3* I spend the whole day with her.
I got a big christmas present from her. Some Cure Magazines, CD´s, Flyer and and and
I got really much things in the last time. DVD´s from The Piass and VelBet, CD´s, from Nega and Sampler and I got a Reki Cheki-> that rhymes xDD

Right now I'm saving money for a new Lolita dress, have it already ordered, but that will probably take some time.  ._.
I get hungry and I will make my lunch now
see ya later dears

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