Sonntag, 22. Dezember 2013

The end of two awsome bands

Hi guys and ladys
This was my first weekend in my new hometown Hamburg and and I do not know when I had the last time so much party like this weekend.
We start on friday with with the Eat You Alive concert- it was their last tour Q3Q I don´t know this band so good before. Regrettable... I think they might be one of my favorites.
The support band too, Hybrids from France were very good and surprised me postive. I am enthusiastic about their music, even if the sound technique in the beginning was not so good. I'm not a fan of the many non-japanese-Visual Kei-bands, but I remember on Closer (france too) I also liked. They are actually still active? I hope Hybrid coming soon back to Germany. When I can I will go to the concert again x3
I bought their CD and a Photoset of Eat You Alive to signed it. Since I want to go visit my family over Christmas, I have to save money. @³@

On Saturday was the last concert from a german band called 4LYN. I think it´s one of the best bands in Germany and we have some good bands here <.< I saw they over 25 times in the last 14 years. They were an important part of my youth, and I'm really sad that they break up after 17 years now.
After their 4 1/2 hours concert @ ³ @ there was an after show party. I got the chance to talk with all member and the singer remembered on me. x3 I gave them my collection of old articles / CD reviews on them and they were very happy. I got pictures, autographs and a kiss from the singer.

 (my Digi Cam is not the best @³@)
So boys and girls... I hope you have a great Christmas and get many presents from Santa Claus.
Don´t forget to put out milk and cookies for the old man. x33
See ya!

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  1. Cool, dass die Hamburg so gut gefällt und auch wenn die Bands sich auflösen find ichs schön, dass du sie nochmal sehen konntest. ^^