Freitag, 8. November 2013

Pokemon Y and more

I started the game two weeks ago. For me is it a good time, cause I don´t spend much time with computer games, but Pokemon is something special. I'm a Pokemon Master since a few days but today I can complete my dream team, Flareon, Talonflame, Yveltal,  Gogoat (called Yuji), Arcanine and  Ninetailes.
On my team you can see that I like fire Pokemon at most. xD
You can guess which Pokémon I like the most. xDDDDD
A little tip, there are two that I like the same and they are from the same family.
My last few days were really boring. There is not much to tell.
On Tuesday I went to the cinema with my brother. We watched Thor 2. It´s really a great movie and I like this One more than the first movie. Okay both are great! xD
I saw the trailer vor the upcoming X-Men movie next year the first time and I'm really excited. But back to Thor. I think I become a fan. The most comic book movies that I like, i like because I used to read the comics, but Thor I get know only about the movies. o,o I can really recommend this movie. Unfortunately, It was my last cinema visit for the next weeks. I hope the upcoming movie releases are boring. xDD
Bye Bye~ 



  1. Man.. ich hab es schon seid dem Releasedate und hab trotzdem gerade mal 2 Orden X'D
    Mist... Normalerweiße hab ich mehr Zeit für sowas D: