Freitag, 19. April 2013


1.) What is or stand on your right side?
my table, chocolate, some flyer on my wall
2.) Tell me 3 colors describing you best?
pink, baby pink & violette
3.) Tell me your best makeup-secret or trick!
I haven´t any tricks or secrets @³@
4.) What is your favourit Actor in movis or theatra etc?
Keanu Reeves or Christopher Walken
5.) When you could choose a place you living at, where would it be?
I love to travel and I think I can find no place where I want to live the rest of my life ..
6.) Whats your favourite Musik / Band(s)?
I listen to much differnt kinds of musik. my biggest favorite is Rock and Metal, but sometimes I listen to Pop, Dance Pop, 90er, 80er, Elektro etc.
my favorite Bands are Nega, Distraught Overlord, VelBet, Limp Bizkit or In Flames an much more...
7.) What is your favourite Style?
Visual Kei and Sweet Lolita *3*
8.) Do you have tattoos?
ofcause! do you wanna see??? ;D
9.) Whats your favourite Manga / Anime?
Fullmetall Alchemist & Soul Eater *3*
10.) What is your favourite Season?
I am a Winter Girl!

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